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STOP COLD CALLING FOR PROJECTS. GET YOUR I CONTRACTOR PROJECT DASHBOARD- Full of Projects to Select from. Get Your I Contractor Subscription which includes TTS I Contractor Work Station, Dashboard Hosting, and Access to thousands of TTS Client, Network and Outsourced Projects. Select your project fit, complete the project and get paid as soon as you complete the project. Simply keep your I Contractor subscription current to have access to select and complete as many Projects as you can. Access to Web site design platform, Dashboard Access and Support. Contract as an Individual Professional for 99.00 a month Manage up to 10 projects at a time or Contract as a Business Owner with a Team and Manage up to 100 projects at a time with our I Contractor Business Owner Subscription at 399.00 per month. You Just Select the project, Complete the Project and get paid. Choose from our Many I Contractor Projects and Dashboards, Professional Work Station themes and designs. Pay as you go Monthly, No per user fees. Pay for the year, Switch Project Packages or cancel at any time. Designed for mobile All TTS themes are fully mobile responsive, which means you get a consistent experience no matter where you access your Dashboard or Work Station.
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    Order and confirmation process must be complete Before any Dash Board, Products, Programs or Membership Packages Access is granted or Products Shipped. To Learn More call 1.866.606.7101

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    Start a TTS I Contractor IT/ Network Service Partner Contract Business. Contract with TTS to Assist with TTS Business, Client, Tech, Ecommerce, Social Media Marketing, Network Design and Development for Market, Kiosk, and Office Platforms. TTS has Contract Opportunities in Your Area. TTS I Contractor Business made easy.
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