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TTS Founder Knows what it takes to Build a Career Platform

Building a platform for career seekers and employers to connect takes a lot more than you bargan for. TTS Founder O. McArthur has focused and Dedicated more than 20 years of effort, What seems like $1 million in IT Labor, Software, Support Equipment, Security and Tech Resources for TTS Careers Platform. TTS Careers connects job seekers, contractors and employers. Niche Specific Career Certification Courses prepare Pros, Grow our talent pool nationally, Helps us build our work force and provides the technology essential to make applying for opportunities, the training and getting contracted a lot easier. TTS Careers Platform connect users to Certified Pro training, Rercuiter Certification, Partner Careers and more.

TTSU Task Specific Training & Certification not only prepares and preps users for niche specific careers, The platform also connects career seekers to clients, projects and gigs right in your area. Need income? Signup to get certified as a TTS Cash Success Tour Agent. TTS Careers Certified Admin Pro, Rercuiter, Show Manager, Supply Support and Bottle Contractor Certification Courses are also offered

TTSU Task Specific Training & Certification also offers TTS Network, Web Maintenace, Eccommerce Backend and SEO Agent Training.

Not a Pro, signup to Get TTS Careers prepped, Trained and certified: •Select the niche course of your interest.

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View TTS O. McArthur has invested more than 20 years and what seems like $1 million in IT Labor and resources in TTS Career will grow and expand the company's talent pool. The new TTS Careers Platform will build our local teams by states and cities, TTSCAREERS.COM WILL Help TTS Career Service locations attract pro talent, create a national work force plus provide the needed technology to help TTS Recruiters connect to talent and to make hiring easier for our Hiring Managers

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